Warring States Themed Bar also known as 'Warring States Bar' is a bar based on the Warring States Period where Nakamura Daiki and Motomiya Mao work at.


Hall Kitchen Staff: Description: Wear a military commander costume, and serve costumers. 

The waitors, also known as the Hall Kitchen Staff, are requested to talk like a warrior and wear a costume.

They are also required to memorize menu, table, and locations.


  • Motomiya Mao : works at a part time job at Warring States Themed Bar as a Hall Kitchen Staff.
  • Nakamura Daiki : works part time at Warring States Themed Bars as a Hall Kitchen Staff. Daiki's friend's dad is the owner who wanted a tall commander to work at the bar.
  • Matsumoto Aoi: works at the Warring States Themed Bars.
  • Hall Kitchen Staff Member (Name Unknown):



  • Houyou to Drink
  • Grilled Ox Tongue
  • Ox Tongue Tataki
  • Stewed Ox Tongue
  • Fried Chicken
  • Minced Cow Tongue
  • Warring Sake
  • Cow Tongue Stew
  • Deep Fried Date Chicken
  • Spicy Sake-Marinated Stir Fry
  • Snail
  • Sake
  • Yamazaki
  • Sato's Black Lock [1]
  • Date Masamune Menu [2]
  • Seasonal Menu's (Fall [3], Winter, Spring, Summer) 
  • Mizu Shingen Rice cakes  
  • Fuurinkazan fried noodles 



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