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This wiki is dedicated to the manga Taiyou no Ie, also known as House of the Sun in English, written and drawn by Taamo. We are currently editing over 134 articles. Contributions to improve this wiki are gladly appreciated. There are currently three mainly active admins; LilacFlower, BitterGummy, and ShutinOtaku. If anyone has questions, concerns, or suggestions to make, feel free to contact one of the admins. Help now by editing or adding new pages as you have fun. Enjoy your stay~

Summary of Taiyou no Ie

Taiyou no Ie is slice of life, romance, shoujo manga by Taamo. When they were kids, Mao used to spend a lot of time at her neighbor Hiro’s house because it would always make her feel happy. However, Hiro’s parents passed away from a tragic incident. Currently, Motomiya Mao is a high school student who has "lost a home" after her father gets remarried. Because of Mao’s abandonment from her father and mother, this causes Hiro, her childhood friend, to invite Mao to live with him. As Mao and Hiro live together, they wait for the day where Mao returns to her original house, and for Hiro's siblings to come back and live together in their special house for it to become "the house of magic, a place filled with both laughter and tears" once again.

Last Chapter
Chapter 50.jpg
Chapter 50: Let's Go Home

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

It is the day before spring break, and Chihiro happily greets Mao at the beginning of the school. Chi asks Mao what she will be doing with Hiro during Spring Break, but Mao says that she has nothing planned. Chi leaves to talk to Oda, and so Mao greets Daiki. Mao tells Daiki that...

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I'd really be happy if she meant what she said. I mean, what guy wouldn't be happy to have a cute girl telling you she likes you? Honestly, why does that little brat who makes food from hell have to appear in my head?

Nakamura Hiro, Chapter 30

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