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Step-Mother is the current wife of Motomiya Kaitou, the step-mother of Motomiya Mao, and the biological mother of Motomiya Yui.


Step-Mother is very welcoming and kind and encouraging, and she has made numerous attempts to encourage Mao to come home. She is very patient and cares a lot about others.

Appearance Edit

Step-Mother's hair is short. Her hair is parted at the left side of her head and most of her bangs are swept to her right side of her face with each bang a little bit longer than the preceding one.

Plot Edit

In the opening chapter, the Step-Mother is first seen with her daughter Yui and her husband Kaitou, who are listening to Yui talk about her day. As soon as she notices that Mao is there, she welcomes Mao home and asks if she would like to eat anything. [1]

After Kaitou sends Mao's classmate Oda away as soon as he gives him HIro's address, she appears again, commenting on how Kaitou has mentioned Mao's name in his sleep again.

As time passes, Step-Mother calls Hiro's house and asks him if she could come and visit Mao.


Family Edit

  • Motomiya Mao - After Kaitou marries Step-Mother, she tries to treat Mao as part of the family, but she did admit that she felt a bit more at ease when Mao first went to live with Hiro. As time passes, she realizes that there was a gaping hole where Mao once was in their home and tries her best to bring Mao back home. She realizes that she wants Mao to come back so that they can become a true family. Even after Mao comes back, she still finds it difficult to stop talking so politely to her step-mother, but she eventually confides to her step-mother about the issues about her mother.
  • Motomiya Kaitou - Motomiya Kaitou is the stepmother's current husband. After Yuzuno was discovered cheating on Kaitou, he goes to where the stepmother is staying and starts a relationship with her. She is the one who confronts Kaitou about his true feelings towards Mao. She is the one who helps Kaitou ultimately realize that he was the one who has been running away from Mao.
  • Motomiya Yui - Motomiya Yui is the stepmother's biological daughter. The two have a fairly good relationship.
  • Stepmother's mother - The stepmother's mother is never shown in the manga, but she is briefly mentioned by the stepmother.

Other Edit

  • Nakamura Daiki - When the stepmother first meets Daiki and Hiro during their family vacation in Sendai, she is charmed by Daiki's looks and knowledge about different things. She admits to Mao that she prefers Daiki.
  • Nakamura Hiro - After some time has passed since Mao has first moved in with Hiro, Step-Mother called the Nakamura house to ask Mao to come back home.

Quotes Edit

Step-Mother [about Mao]: You're always running from her. Even chasing her out of her own house.

Kaitou: I'm not running away. I didn't chase her out either. She left on her own.

Step-Mother: There used to be a part of me that wished she wasn't here. Her being here made it difficult for us to be together. Also, she's a teenager. Honestly, I was relieved when she left. But I was wrong. It felt like a gaping hole had opened up after she left. Me, Yui, even you. We all felt this way... Mao-chan probably did too. I know it's horribly late for me to say this - but after that, I realized we need to become a real family.

References Edit

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