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RUIRUI is Sugimoto's internet friend whom she texts and contacts regularly. Although not much is said about RUIRUI, he is often seen to give good advice whenever Sugimoto is troubled. 


He is revealed to be a male fudanshi (boy who likes bl), especially focusing on Mashiro and Kojirou. Because of this, others began to see him as a creep and he began to hide liking BL and hated himself for liking BL. However, because Sugimoto didn't judge him for liking BL (as she herself liked it and because she thought RuiRui was a girl) Ruirui began to fall in love with Sugimoto. He is considered very handsome and Sugimoto herself says that RuiRui is prettier than herself. He has a habit of jumping to conclusions and gets easily embarassed. He has a cool, beautiful appearance which caused Sugimoto to doubt he was really her online friend RuiRui who said eccentric things like "Maa-kun is God!".


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