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The Nakamura Household is the current house where Nakamura Hiro is living in at the start of the story. At the end of the manga, the three siblings Hiro, Daiki, and Hina had been united once again.


We used to live in an apartment far away from my dad's workplace before we moved to this house. In other words, he didn't come home all that often. Our parents overcame the impossible. They built a large house closer to Dad's company, which is where I live currently.

–Nakamura Hiro's thoughts on his house

Nakamura's House is the new big house that Hiro's deceased parents built. Hiro's parents built a large house so that Hiro's dad could visit home more often and so that their family could be together. Hiro meets Mao shortly after the Nakamura Family moves in. After the Nakamura couple passes away, Hiro becomes the sole owner of the house and gets a job in order to protect it.

This is the "House of the Sun" that Mao uses as the title and the setting of her cellphone novel.  



Mao [thoughts on herself]: I was an unloved child, and that place [Nakamura Household] accepted me, whenever and wherever. That's what I thought.[1]

Daiki [thoughts]: It's not like I didn't want to live with Hiro and Hina. I just couldn't bring myself to live in that house. That house without my parents. I didn't have the courage to go back and face reality.[2]

Hiro [to Sugimoto]: I told my parents that I wanted everyone to live together again. So they agreed, and built our house. And yet we've become separated even more so. When I was in school I always thought that it was my fault because I asked to move. But I want everyone to live in that house again. That's always been my dream. And recently I've moved one step closer to it. [3]


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