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Mrs. Nakamura
General Information
English Name
Mrs. Nakamura
Nakamura Haha (Nakamura Mother)
Hair color
A light Color
Eye Color
Other Information
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Mr. Nakamura (husband)

Nakamura Hiro (son) Nakamura Daiki (son) Nakamura Hina (daughter)

First Appearance
Chapter 1

Mrs. Nakamura is the mother of Nakamura Hiro, Daiki, and Hina.


Mrs. Nakamura has light long hair that is tied in a low ponytail. Her normal attire consists of a long sleeved shirt that has a low v-neck collar with either a long skirt or some pants.


Mrs. Nakamura is very generous, warm and open to others. Often she invites Mao to come over to her house.


Mrs. Nakamura is only seen through flashbacks of the various characters since by the time of the actual story, she has already been dead for quite some time.



Nakamura Hiro - Mrs. Nakamura cares for Hiro as shown when she went out in the rain to bring him an umbrella so he and his brother Daiki wouldn't get wet. She also notices how Hiro always seems to be concerned about other people after showing his concern over Mao, who was all alone while the Nakamura family was watching the fireworks at the festival together. Likewise, Hiro also cares about his family. As a kid, he convinced his parents to move closer to his father's work after seeing how disappointed his mother was from hearing that their father would not be able to join them again for dinner.

Nakamura Hina - Mrs. Nakamura had wanted a daughter, which is why Hina is so much younger than Hiro. She was the one who bought Hina the cooking set that she wanted before she died. She cares and loves Hina and was stated to have been proud of how bright and cheerful of a girl she grew up to become.

Nakamura Daiki - Daiki cares and loves his parents a lot, and Mrs. Nakamura also loved her son very much. She even went out in the rain with extra umbrella in order to make sure that Daiki and his brother Hiro wouldn't get wet.

Mr. Nakamura - Mrs. Nakamura appeared to have been on good terms with her husband until their death. In the time that they lived at their old house, they almost seemed to have a somewhat strained relationship because Mr. Nakamura's work prevented him from coming home to eat dinner with the family at times. When they move to their newly built house at the request of Hiro, this strained relationship disappears.


Motomiya Mao - Mrs. Nakamura treats Mao like a second daughter, who she always welcomes into their home. She invites Mao to join the family for dinner frequently and was the one who fixed Mao's stuffed toy bear that Hina had accidentally ripped. When she gives the stuffed toy bear back to Mao, it causes Mao to cry. Mao apologizes to Mrs. Nakamura at her grave for imposing on their family and for depending on Hiro too much, but promises her that she will also try to be independent and allow Hiro to rely on her too.