House of the Sun

House of the Sun, meaning Taiyou no Ie in Japanese, is the title of Motomiya Mao's cellphone novel. The author of House of the Sun is Sorami, which is Mao's pen name. 

Mao writes on her cell phone novel for fun, and it is mainly based off her life. Mao usually writes in her cellphone novel when she gets lonely.


  • Kaoru - one of the main fictional characters in House of the Sun that portrays Motomiya Mao.
  • Takashi - Takashi is one of the main fictional characters in House of the Sun that portrays Nakaruma Hiro. 
  • Croquette - the name of one of the dog's in the novel. Since Hiro regularly reads House of the Sun, he named the new dog he bought 'Croquette'. 
  • Kuukai - author of House of the Sun, in other words, Mao's pen name. Hiro refers to the author of House of the Sun as Sorami instead of Kuukai because he is reading the kanji wrong.


  • Sugimoto/Radical  Radical (Sugimoto's pen name) very much enjoys reading Mao's cell phone novel 'House of the Sun'. She often sends feedback to Sorami (Motomiya Mao's pen name) about the updates. One of her feedback suggested that Kaoru's (portraying Mao) feelings toward Takashi (portraying Hiro) could be love. Mao is confused by this, but eventually realizes her growing feelings toward Nakaruma Hiro. For a time, Sugimoto continues to allow Hiro to make the misconception that she is the one who has written the cellphone novel, thinking that it would make Hiro love her more. However, she eventually feels guilty for her actions when she rereads the novel and realizes that this story is a love letter from Mao to Hiro.
  • Nakamura Hiro  - Hiro is a fan of House of the Sun, but he likes to read it on his computer rather secretly because he thinks that reading it would be embarassing. He says that at work he looks forward to reading House of the Sun. He thinks that Sugimoto is the Sorami, the writer of House of the Sun (when it is actually Motomiya Mao). Sugimoto just really likes reading House of the Sun. Sugimoto lies to Hiro that she wrote the cellphone novel because that was the only way Hiro would continue paying attention to her (since Sugimoto had feelings for Hiro). 


It didn't take long for me to fall asleep under the warm blankets that night. I was rather surprised.

I no longer have a home. I no longer have a place to return to. Nobody is waiting for me anyway. There's nobody who needs me.

I ended up living together with my childhood friend, Takashi. Together with the dog-shaped Croquette, we live under the same roof... But I wonder if me being here is a burden on him?

Dad came. He seemed happy, as it was the first time we'd seen each other in a while.