Father's Words is the 9th chapter of Taiyou no Ie. 

Father's Words
Japanese Title
父 の 言葉
Chichi no Kotoba
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao
Chapter Guide
Chapter 8.5
Chapter 10


Motomiya Kaitou (Mao's father) is giving Hiro the living expenses. Hiro asks him to come in and meet Mao, but he refuses to, saying that he would not know what to say to Mao.

The next morning, Hiro's sleep is disrupted by Croquette's barking. He wakes up to bring Croquette outside, but he dozes off in the process. Mao, hears the dog barking and sees Hiro sleeping in the hall. As she tries to wake Hiro up, she surprisingly slips on the dog's pee and notices there is also poop. Hiro then asks Mao if anything happened at school, like someone if anyone (Oda) confessed to her, which makes Mao blush, making Hiro surprised that he guessed correctly. After, Mao tells Hiro that she will be going to watch a historical movie alone (actually with Oda ), but Hiro invites her to go with him.

The scene switches to Hiro's work place and Sugimoto asks him questions about himself, and Fujita invites Hiro to go to a goukon (group blind date) but he refuses because he has to go to the cinema with his "little sister" (Mao).

At school, Mao replies to Radical message. Mao also receives a messege from Chi-chan asking what she talked with Oda the other day, which Mao finds weird. Mao seems awkward with Oda, and when he asks when they will go to the movies together, Mao cancels it (because she is going with Hiro) but Oda thinks it is because he confessed to her. Chihiro walks into the classroom and once sees Mao and Oda together, and she dashes off. Oda asks Mao that he can give advice to Mao and Chi's situation although the Oda does not realize the cause of this was because of himself.

Hiro decides to go and talk to Mao's dad about Mao, so they both went to a bar to grab a drink. Hiro gets irritated at him because he doesn't seem to understand a single thing about Mao. Hiro begs for him to meet Mao next time Mao's father gives him the expenses.

Hiro comes back home and is welcomed by Mao who is wearing a skirt for the first time (besides her school uniform). Hiro leans on Mao shoulders, and which makes Mao blush and fight back when Hiro tries to hug her. Mao realizes that Hiro is drunk. 

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Hiro: Won't you come in? Talk to her and see for yourself if she's doing alright.

Kaitou: I wouldn't know what to talk about even if I go see her. I don't really wanna be in the way. You really don't seem to like meeting with me like this. How about I mail you the money in the future?

Hiro: Please don't do that. Next month... and the month after that... Please keep coming here. And show your face.

Since we got Croquette the noisy days began. Waking the neighbors from barking in the middle of the night. Disciplining him. Having a dog is much harder than I thought.

Hiro [to Kaitou]: To Mao, you are the only real family she has...! Next time you come. Can you please go meet her. I beg you.


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