What's Important is the 32nd chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.

What's Important
Chapter 32
Japanese Title
Daijina Mono
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao
Chapter Guide
Chapter 31
Chapter 32.5

Summary Edit

Daiki has just asked Mao "What do you think about dating me for real?". Mao is surprised. Daiki tries to leave, but Mao tells him that Daiki just said that to comfort her. Daiki tries to correct her, but he decides not to.

The next morning, Daiki, Chihiro and Mao visit a classical western house at Kobe. Daiki tells them that he has to meet someone, and Mao suspects it is someone he likes, much to Chihiro's shock. Chihiro, Oda and Mao tag along as Daiki goes to meet his cousin, Otoha. While Mao and Oda are walking side by side,and Oda expresses that Chihiro deserves someone better than him. Mao says that "the best thing is just to be with the person you like", which makes Oda feels very relieved.
Otoha gives Daiki a gift

Otoha, who is heavily blushing, gives Daiki a handmade sweater. When Otoha sees Chihiro, Daiki and Oda, they come out of their hiding position. Chihiro asks Otoha if she is Daiki's girlfriend, but Daiki immediately says no.

Hiro and sugimoto at rain

Hiro and Sugimoto meet outside during the rain. Hiro holds the umbrella for Sugimoto, and Sugimoto confesses that she has always loved Hiro, as stated in her message. Right when Sugimoto tries to leave, Hiro apologizes and tells her that she is a wonderful person but he has someone important to him. Hiro feels awful, and he walks away from Sugimoto. Hiro realizes his deep feelings for Mao, and admits that he doesn't know what to do without her. He just wants to be near her side.

Mao and Hiro come back home and they hand souvenirs to Hiro.

Daiki asks Hiro if he made any progress with Sugimoto and Hiro refuses to share. Daiki takes his leave and goes straight to bed. Hiro and Mao chat, and Mao mentions that she would like to go to Kyoto Studio Park. They agree that they should go together when Hina comes back. When Mao says that Hiro is helpless, he agrees. Mao starts to pat Hiro's face. She says that Hiro looks so lonely so she wants to warm Hiro back up. Hiro tells her that he thought lots abou her, and kisses Mao, much to Mao's shock. Embarrassed, Hiro immediately leaves.

Hiro and Mao kiss

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Oda [about Chihiro]: Chihiro is a good person. She really is. I hope she finds someone who will complete her.

Mao: What do you mean by complete her? I think the best thing is just to be with the person you like.

Hiro [thoughts about Sugimoto and Mao]: Sorry. I'm not the nice person you think I am. Even now I'm thinking about someone else. Mao. A childhood friend I took in. Family member No. 1 in my quest to rebuild my broken family. It was like a lost kitten had wandered into this empty house of mine. A cry-baby, selfish stubborn little kitten. What would she ever do without me? She can't cook, she can't clean. What would she ever do without me? But that couldn't have been farther from the truth. I savored every moment we spent together after being alone. I had always been putting up a front. "I'm fine living by myself." I had this idea tucked deep down inside for so long. Perhaps it was because I was scared to face the family I hadn't contacted in years.

Hiro [thoughts about Mao]: Come to think of it, I don't what I'll do without Mao. Even so, it feels like all I can do is pretend that I'm okay and silently watch over her as she desperately tries to find her place in this world. Even though she doesn't have to look anymore. Because I just want to be where she is.

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