Summer Festival is the 16th chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.

Summer Festival
Chapter 16
Japanese Title
Natsu Matsuri
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao

Nakamura Hiro
Nakamura Daiki

Chapter Guide
Chapter 15
Chapter 16.5


At their house, Hiro , Mao and Daiki take out the yukata and try to figure out how to wear it. Mao says she is going to go to Chihiro's place to learn how. Daiki immediately challeges Mao to a video game duel, and Mao gives him the pitying look saying, "You still haven't given up...?" Hiro decides to go to the grave together with Daiki and Mao. Mao also comes to pay her respects praying to them like they are gods. Hiro notices, though, that the grave had new flowers given by someone, and Hiro quickly turns around to see if Hina was there. 

At Chi-chan's place, Chihiro is acting like a spoiled child, unable to wear her yukata quickly and thus asking her mom to help her. After Mao gets dressed with the help of Chi's mother, Chihiro suggests to invite Oda . She calls Oda, not being very honest, but works out. She becomes very flustered and self conscious., and Mao asks what happened all of a sudden. Chihiro replies and says that 'before you see Hiro, you're like this too!!' 

Mao meets up with Daiki, wondering if Hiro is late. Hiro contacts Daiki saying that he can't make it because of his job. At Hiro's workplace, he sees Sugimoto avoiding him. He questions her about why how she is avoiding him, then the topic changes to the cell phone novel House of the Sun . He says it's about family, but Sugimoto argues that it's about romance. 

During the fireworks, Daiki notices someone, but because he doesn't want to get seperated from Mao, they go together and find Hina. They talk to each other, and Hina says she won't go back to that house and leaves. Daiki tells Mao not to tell Hiro about this. Daiki meets his friends who asks if Mao is his girlfriend. Daiki denies it when Hiro comes. Daiki hangs out with his friends, while Mao and Hiro walk together alone. They sit down somewhere while Mao eats cotton candy. Hiro comments that her yukata looks good on her as she blushes. Mao gives some cotton candy to Hiro, and she thinks about how he doesn't see her as a love interest. At the end, Mao asks Hiro if he likes her. 

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Mao [thoughts to Nakamura Parents]: I appreciate all you've done for me!! These two are always so kind to me...! They're very good people!! I'm always thinking of how I can repay their kindness...! Ah!! I'm also borrowing your yukata...! I'll be sure to wear it with the utmost care!! Thank you for everything! Although it's disrespectful of me, I'm currently staying at your house!! I sincerely apologize that Hina-chan hasn't come home yet.

Chihiro's mother: Next up is Mao-chan.

Mao: What? It's alright. I can do it!

Chihiro's mother: Don't worry about it. Let yourself get spoiled for once. You can come by another time to practice.

Chihiro: Oda-kun? Yeah, it's me... What? Not really. I just thought you'd be free today. You know, they're doing that firework thing or whatever today. I was planning to go with Mao, but she said she was going with her family.

Oda: With her family? ...
Chihiro: T-though it's fine if you don't wanna go. Going alone could be interesting too, maybe?

Oda: What? Going together with someone is definitely way better than going alone. What exactly are you trying to say? Where and when should we meet?


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