Lonesome Boy and Lonesome Girl
Cover 1
Japanese Title
ひとりぼっち の 少年少女
Hitoribotchi no Shonen Shoujo
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao

Nakamura Hiro

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Chapter 2

Lonesome Boy and Lonesome Girl is the 1st chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.


At the Nakamura Household, young Motomiya Mao is playing video games with young Nakamura DaikiNakamura Hiro asks Mao to stay over for dinner. Eventually, Mao leaves their house saying that her mom is waiting for her, and Mrs. Nakamura tells Mao that she can come visit anytime.

When Mao comes home, she thinks about why her parents are rarely home and tells herself because they are working for her sake. While she was eating the bento box her mother prepared for her, her mother came back with an unfamiliar man, who is not her dad. Mao's mother tells Mao that this man is her new husband.

Mao and Hiro at shrine
Mao hides and cries under the shrine and Hiro comes over to play his DS. Mao tries to push Hiro away, but Hiro doesn't move. Mao tells Hiro about her parents getting divorced and Hiro tells her that she can stay at his house, which made Mao really glad and happy. She knows that staying at Hiro's house isn't an actual option so Mao chose to stay with her father instead of her mother who was with an unfamiliar man. Mao still had fun at Nakamura's house and visited frequently; however, one day Hiro's parents died in a tragic car crash.

Mao has a conversation with her father during dinner about the Nakamura Family. They discuss about the two youngest siblings, Hina and Daiki, who got adopted by their relatives and Hiro is staying at his house to protect it. Mao's dad tells Mao that it is sad to see the family split apart. Mao notes that this was one of the last 'real' conversations that she had with her dad.

The next scene is present day of Mao's life. It informs that Mao is getting along "fairly" with her classmates at school, she cherishes her rare time with her father. Mao is writing a cell-phone novel, and she secretly cares about Hiro, though she won't admit it out loud. Mao has a step-mother, and she is not in good terms with her father. When she comes home to see her Step-Mother, stepsister and her father, looking at her step-sister sitting in her seat at the table causes Mao to feel replaced, so Mao lies about already eating dinner.

When Mao leaves to buy food from the convenience store, she is on a verge of tears under the shrine. Hiro comes and takes Mao to a restaurant. During their conversation, Hiro tells Mao that his sister is apparently not coming back to his house. Mao finally accepts Hiro's invitation to stay at his house. 

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Back in the day, this place was like a house of magic. A place so filled with both tears and laughter. Surely, there must've been a wizard living here. One invisible to our eyes. Or so I used to think.

Hiro [to Mao]: If you don't like choices, why not live at my place?

Mao [thoughts about Hiro]: In truth, what he said made me extremely glad. I wanted to say to him, "Thanks". But I swallowed it back because I was too shy.

Mao [thoughts on herself]: I was an unloved child, and that place (Nakamura Household) accepted me, whenever and wherever. That's what I thought.

Mao [thoughts on Hiro]: I don't even know why, but I do care about him. I'd rather die than tell him, "I'm concerned about you living alone and all." So instead I swing by every now and then to check up on him.


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